Few Of My Favorite Things: Vianey's Valuable Collection

Our esthetician Vianey is a fan of fast results! Her favorite products are ones that yield change quickly and work efficiently. She also loves our more simplistically beautiful jewelry and clothing. Here is Vianey's collection of valuables!       

  1. Cherish Black Dress- Vianey is obsessed with this little black dress! She is a fan of it's sexy shape, classic silhouette and versatility. Click here to order this dress online

2. PCA Skincare Acne Gel- Until she found this product, Vianey has always had a problem with acne. The minute she added this product to her skincare regime she (and all of us) could see a noticeable difference in the clarity of her skin. She highly recommends this product to anyone battling acne prone skin. $45

3. Butter Nail Polish- Vianey loves Toff from Butter because not only is it her favorite color but she loves how long lasting the nail polish is! $19  

4. PCA Skincare Ideal Complex Eye Gel- If you are looking for an eye gel, Vianey is a fan of this product. She loves the ease of the tube and its quick application due to the light gel texture. This gel helps treat dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles and sagging, so she also loves how versatile this product is! $85

5. PCA Skincare C-Quench- Out of all the corrective serums, this is Vianey's favorite. She loves the C-Quench because it minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while hydrating and strengthening the skin. $75 

6. PCA Skincare Blemish Control Bar- Along with the Acne Gel, Vianey feels like this purifying cleansing bar has helped her skin clear up while also preventing future breakouts. She is so happy with her results that she highly recommends these products to anyone who feels her pain of wanting a clear face but always dealing with breakouts. $39    

7. Molly & Bella Necklace- Vianey loves all of Cleo's necklaces but since her favorite color is purple she gravitated towards the ombre crystal necklace that blends purple, grey and white together. She also loves supporting local artists and especially a friend. $39 

8. bareMinerals GenNude Liquid Matte- We can not keep our GenNude liquid mattes in stock! The minute Vianey applies one to a client during a makeup appointment, they are sold! Her favorite color is also the most popular one, Swank. She loves that is has long lasting wear while also being comfortable and not drying like other liquid mattes. $18 

Vianey's selections were based off her inclination to enjoy the simple things. This list compiles all of Vianey's choices for her go-to quick products that make a difference. She is a person who doesn't like to waste time, meaning all of her products actually work! Her clothing and jewelry selections also represent her clean effortless style. Come in and let her explain in more detail why you should also value her collection!