Meet Thao

Thao is our current Microblading, Microshading, and Permanent Makeup artist here at The Beauty Room. She is a meticulous professional with her craft and takes as much time as necessary to create the perfect look. To schedule with Thao, please call 907-433-9008.

“Upgrade your beauty into a permanent natural look with permanent makeup: eyebrows, lip, and eyeliner. Save time, wake up feeling pretty in the morning, be strong and confident in your appearance without makeup. Nowadays permanent makeup does not have to be over-the-top, too dark, or fade into blue and red colors. It does not require deep needles on the skin and does not have to be painful. Today permanent makeup trends towards natural, simple, soft, and lasts 2 years. I want my clients to not be scared of permanent makeup because of outdated trends and techniques.”

Lips: Kissable & Nude Lips



Q: How long does microblading take?
A: Typically about 5 hours with Thao, with variances in time based on your exact needs. Thao takes her time to make sure she can map the underlying structure of your face so the brows look the most natural and suited to your face.

Q: How do I schedule?
A: You can call Thao directly to schedule with her, as her schedule is separate from our other service providers here at The Beauty Room.

Eyebrows by Thao