Few Of My Favorite Things: Clayton's Top Selections

Sunshine, Sweat and Skincare

Hey, y'all! It's Clayton, one of your front desk saviors from The Beauty Room. I was asked to share which products I lean towards here at the shop, and I'm here to share! Are you planning on a vacation anytime soon? Well these are by far some of my must-haves while on the go! Whether in exposed sunlight, or the corrective for after, these products are sure to satisfy you, and last without the need to continuously apply during summer play time..

1) the PCA Hyaluronic Acid Serum together with that of the C-Quench vitamin c antioxidant serum is a perfect addition to the added equation of the Collagen Hydrator and the SPF Weightless Protection, which I wear on the daily. It's perfect, light weight, unintentionally helps with the look of evening out the skin tone, with an added caffeine boost and more importantly.. not feeling like you smell as if you had just left a water park.. 

2) Showering with the PCA Dry Skin Relief Bar, is not entirely needed given the moisture you've been given throughout the day from the previous PCA essentials, but it's perfect for on the shoulders, upper back, and chest region. 

3) My saving grace within my nightly skincare ritual would have to be that of my PCA ideal complex eye gel. I prefer the gel, versus the cream but of course it's nice that PCA offers either consistency. Follow this with the Intensive Brightening Treatment 3-4 times a week, and you will feel and see a drastic change and tightness within your face. 


I must stress, my love for PCA products expand far beyond from the items shown, but given the occasion, the weather, and the incessant need to be outdoors this time of year -- I find these to be the most beneficial for recreational or consecutive use. It's like they say, introducing the perfect balance of nature and science together in a bottle! 

I'd finish by saying that I hope these products work for you and your skincare needs, but in truth, I know they will! So until next time, get outside and enjoy everything that the Alaskan summers have to offer! XoXoXo- Chiclyclayton